Ludlow Palmers
helping to conserve the fabric and treasures of St Laurence's
The Windows of St Laurence's
The Palmers window

The Palmers' Window

The Palmers' window dates from the period of the C15 rebuilding of the Church. It shows us a religious guild taking liberties with history to exploit a legend.

Here is the legend: King Edward the Confessor was a weak king, but a saintly man more...

The Golden Window

The Golden Window

The ‘Golden Window’ otherwise known and the Paternoster, Salutation or Annunciation Window, is one of St Laurence' ‘Catechism Windows’ and is considered to be the finest in the Church.

It is located in St John'Chapel. more...

The ‘Catechism Windows’

The ‘Catechism Windows’ date from the rebuilding of the Church in the mid-15th Century. They reflect the contemporary reform movement's emphasis on teaching and making use of imagery within the church building.

The Catechism Windows may be considered as a group separately here. more...